Fashion Function


The fashion forward looks that walk down the runways every spring are hardly ever functional enough for the everyday, working woman. True we'd all love to play dress up every once in awhile, but most of us don't have the time, lifestyle, or budget for such extravagant outfits. But just because we can't strut down the cat walk doesn't mean we can't strut our stuff everyday. Being fashionable isn't just for the rich and famous.

Being Casual


Who dresses up to run by the grocery store, swing by the dry cleaners, and pick the kids up from school? On a busy day, you hardly feel like putting a lot of effort into your look. But even the busiest mom can add some small and special touches to her outfit. Shake off that strictly casual look and invest a little time in yourself. You can be comfortable and functional, even after adding a little flare to your outfit.

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To the Office


Do you ever feel like your work attire is boring? Do you ever wish that your office wear could be a little more exciting? Well it can. Simply switching up your colour palette and adding in some fun accessories could take your look from drab to fab in no time at all. Keep your professional tone at work, while mixing in some statement pieces. Everyone will notice the subtle yet beautiful improvements to your look.

On a Date


Busy couples deserve a quality date night every once in awhile. Even if the date is a simple dinner or just a movie, that doesn't mean that you can't dress it up and make it special. Show your significant other how much date night means to you by wearing your best jeans, putting on a little makeup, and spritzing some of your best perfume. Every date night should be a chance for you to look and feel your best.